Long Distance Towing

ASAP Long Distance Towing

Long distance towing is the process of transferring your vehicle to another region beyond 100 miles from your area. As the name implies, your vehicle is moved from one area to another bound by longer distance. This covers either light, medium or duty towing and flatbed towing

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Long Distance Towing Service at ASAP Towing Calgary

ASAP Towing Calgary is proud to have opened our doors to cater long distance towing beyond Calgary. Our clients were very satisfied with our services that they have also entrusted us to move their vehicles at long distances. Whether you are relocating and starting your lives outside Calgary, transferring new vehicles for a showroom or just simply need to move your vehicle, you can count on us to give you the best long distance towing experience you never had before.

How we do Long Distance Towing?

Pre Long Distance Towing

Long distance towing requires more spare equipment and tools to backup since the travel time and distance is long. ASAP Towing Calgary is always ready to face any circumstance that may arise during the transport. We check all our vehicles and tow trucks and make sure all are ready to hit the road. All other service checks are also performed such as tires should be inflated, brakes should be working properly, brake fluid, oil, battery and gasoline should all be at its desired level. These checks will make sure that we reach you on time and get to our destination safely and within timeframe.

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During Long Distance Towing and Transport

At the onset of the long distance towing process, we assess the condition of your vehicle before loading it on our tow truck trailer. However, for road and asset safety, we do not tow more than one trailer at a particular time. While the vehicle is towed, our certified mechanical technicians carefully loads the vehicle our tow truck and get it ready for transport.

During the transport phase, we do spot checks to make sure all cables or equipment is secured specially the vehicle itself. If instance of loose cable or equipment, we stop at the pull-over bays of the road and fix it. Since we travel at long distances, we only do stop-over at secured stop-over stations.

Post-Flatbed Towing

Post-Flatbed Towing is only a series of quick checks if your vehicle is delivered to your destination successfully. We also re-check our tow trucks and vehicles after the transport to point if there are any changes so we can fix them before we serve another client.

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Our List Of Guaranteed Towing Services

Emergency Towing

Nothing beats the most dependable towing service provider with its ability to perform emergency response at all times. ASAP Towing Calgary is all you need with every emergency situation you may have while you are on the road. Because we care for you, we will always be right there with you when you need us.

Long Distance Towing

One of the great services of ASAP Towing Calgary is the long distance towing. We are always ready to tow and move your vehicle even more than 100 miles. Whether you are planning to move your vehicle in another region, we are available and capable to transport any type of vehicle you have.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is the most convenient way to tow your vehicles with less to no damage at all compared to traditional towing like that of dolly towing. It is ideal for luxury and vintage cars, or if you just really want to protect your vehicle from wear and tear during transport.

Medium Duty Towing

ASAP Towing Calgary provides service for medium duty vehicles ranging from Class 4 to Class 6 vehicles all over Calgary. We have high performance medium duty tow trucks which can recover and lift any medium sized vehicle like vans, SUVs and buses.

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