Medium Duty Towing

What is Medium Duty Towing?

Medium Duty Towing is a service that attends to medium sized vehicles from vans, SUVs, buses and medium sized trucks. Based on common categories of vehicles, any vehicle classified as Class 4 to 6 are considered medium duty vehicles. Medium Duty Towing is normally catered to stalled vehicles that is off the road and needs transporting to a nearby repair shop or service.

Medium Duty Towing Service at ASAP Towing Calgary

We use medium duty trucks to retrieve and recover medium duty vehicles. from Class 4 to 6. Below is the commercial truck classification we follow:

Truck ClassGVWRExample
Class 4ranges from 14001–16000 lb (6351–7257 kg)The likes of Ford F-450 trucks, Dodge Ram 4500, and the GMC 4500
Class 5ranges from 16001–19500 lb (7258–8845 kg)The likes of GMC 5500, Dodge Ram 5500, and the Ford F-550
Class 6ranges from 19501–26000 lb (8846–11793 kg)The likes of GMC Topkick C6500, and the Ford F-650

In any circumstance of a vehicle break-down, be assured that ASAP Towing Calgary is always ready for your rescue and gives you the quickest response so we can be at your location in no time.

Feel safe once you contact our hotline. Our friendly staff will help assess your situation and deploy our skilled and certified towing technicians wherever you are in Calgary. Our lead time is 20 minutes for us to get to your location, however we always challenge ourselves to beat that timeframe so we can get to you sooner than expected.

Below are certain pre, during and post medium duty towing protocols and checklists we follow to keep all our services organized and well executed.

Pre Medium Duty Towing

First we assess what is your vehicle classification based on the table above. It will help us know if we have to use medium duty tow trucks to assist you with your vehicle. Next, we  make sure all our vehicles and our medium duty tow trucks are all ready to hit the road. All other service checks are also performed such as tires should be inflated, brakes should be working properly, brake fluid, oil, battery and gasoline should all be at its desired level. These checks will make sure that we reach you on time to attend to your needs.

During Medium Duty Towing and Transport

During the transport phase, we do spot checks to make sure all cables or equipment is secured specially the vehicle itself. If instance of loose cable or equipment, we stop at the pull-over bays of the road and fix it. This way, we can ensure that the transport is safe and we deliver your vehicle to your destination.

Post Medium Duty Towing

Post medium duty towing is only a series of quick checks if your vehicle is delivered to your destination successfully. We also re-check our tow trucks and vehicles after the transport to point if there are any changes so we can fix them before we serve another client.

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