Battery Boosting

What is a Battery Boost Service?

Are you in a scheduled appointment like a job interview or a big business deal and hurrying up but your vehicle just won’t start? Or are you in the middle of the road but the battery died and left you stranded out of nowhere within Calgary? Let not your vehicle stop you from getting the best of life with just a battery trouble.

Weather conditions can definitely affect how long a battery life will last. Very hot summers and intense cold winters can make the battery lifespan shorter than expected. The battery boost will jumpstart your battery but this is only a temporary fix. You will still need to bring your batter to a mechanic facility to check if it needs replacing or not.

Battery Boost Service at ASAP Towing Calgary

ASAP Towing Calgary offers the best and efficient battery boost service all over Calgary. We have the ability to get to your location fast in 20 minutes or less and provide you the safest way to boost your vehicle battery. Whether you are home or on the road, calling our friendly hotline will get yourself a battery boost service to get you moving in no time.

We only deploy our highly-trained and certified mechanics and technicians to handle your batteries to assure you that you are in safe hands and that the battery boost service you have is guaranteed. We practice safe battery boosting procedure and even identify what caused the problem so you can be secured and informed to prevent same thing from happening.

Pre Battery Boost

Do not panic and know that we are just 20 minutes or less away from your location. We will get to you no matter what the weather is, day or night. First, we identify what vehicle you are using to identify the right battery that works for your vehicle. Please give us the vehicle make and model, engine and the year it was released. We will bring a brand new and high quality battery to replace your defective battery if needed.

During Battery Boost

Before getting to the boosting process, we make sure your vehicle and our “donor” vehicle is at least 18″ apart, both vehicles turned off, in Park or Neutral and parking brakes On. We also ensure safety all the time so we use proper safety gears and equipment.

After Battery Boost

After the battery is boosted, we test that your vehicle is starting and even leave it on for a small time to ensure that everything is working well before we advise and send you off your way back to the road. We also prepare a report on the cause of why the battery failed and the fix that we provided for future reference you can use for your vehicle maintenance or PMS schedule.


Best Battery Boosting Service in Calgary

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